How to be environmentally friendly while doing your household chores!

How to be environmentally friendly while doing your household chores!

In the quest for always having a spotlessly clean and shiny home, many of us are primarily concerned with the cost of hiring a maid and how to most efficiently use the help. However, in the fast paced and consumption driven world we live in (particular in Dubai), very few turn their attention to the costs (both to their pocket and to the environment) associated with managing their energy consumption levels when it comes to cleaning. Here are some easy steps to cut your utility bills while saving the environment at the same time.

Do not use the tumble dryer if you don’t have to

clothes washing machine

Even though using the tumble dryer appears to be the quick and easy solution, in many cases your clothes will only get more wrinkled, leading to more painful ironing or lost time and additional cost for sending them to the dry cleaners.  Ironing your clothes, particularly when they are very wrinkled, only consumes more energy. We are lucky to live in Dubai where the sun is out most of the year, so drying your clothes the natural way on your balcony or terrace is always an option. Another hidden benefit of drying your clothes in the open is the high level of humidity in Dubai, which by itself works like a God sent dry cleaner, making sure that the wrinkles magically disappear. And the best part is that it was proven that over time your clothes will last longer if their are consistently air dried.

So not only will the environment and your purse thank you for using mother nature for drying your laundry, but so will your clothes. If you do not have access to a balcony or garden at home, drying your clothes inside will work just fine. Due to the A/C sucking out the humidity of every room,  you will be surprised at how quickly your laundry will dry inside your home, all thanks to the Dubai A/C effect. Only disadvantage of this method is that you don’t get the gentle natural humidity effect from the outside, so your clothes might end up being a bit more wrinkled than those dried under the sun. However, this method still beats the tumble drier on all counts (environment, cost, efficiency and degree of gentleness to your clothes).

When doing your laundry, always choose the appropriate load size. Some cycles can be run using cold water instead of hot, saving a great deal of energy. To be even more efficient, make sure you only use the amount of detergent indicated on your laundry detergent’s packaging; more detergent won’t necessarily get your clothes cleaner. Concentrated detergents can go a long way!

Be Iron man/woman!

women looking at a pile of cloth needed to be ironed

Ironing consumes a lot of time and energy. Always make sure you take your clothes out of the washing machine as soon as the cycle is finished. Before you hang up the laundry shake each item thoroughly. You can hang your clothes in the shower, the steam will help get rid of most winkles. These steps should get rid of most of the ironing and even eliminate the need to send your clothes off to the dry cleaner! If you still have some things to iron gather them all and iron them all at once while watching your favorite TV series on Netflix.

Rely on your Dishwasher!

a women emptying clean glasses and dishes from the dishwasher

If you have a dishwasher at home, you should refrain from doing  any dishes manually (even if they appear only a few at a time). Put all the dishes into the dishwasher, wait until it is packed and press the start button. Not only will you keep your hands healthier but you will also be saving energy. The newer dishwashers are proven to save way more water. The environment will thank you. 

On a side note – time your household chores.

DEWA’s peak electricity consumption hours are 12pm to 5pm. White goods like dishwashers and washing machines consume a great deal of water and electricity, both can wait till the evening. Believe me these savings do add up.

Also, why not order your favorite Helpling to come around more often and free up more of your precious time while taking care of all your household cleaning in an environmentally friendly and highly efficient manner?