Why you should consider having a cleaner in Dubai!

Why you should consider having a cleaner in Dubai!

Are you new to the country and still need convincing on how easy it is to outsource household service? Here is why hiring cleaners is so much easier in Dubai.

Competitive Pricing

The average expat income in Dubai is normally higher than other places such as Europe, US.  Add to that the fact that the UAE is a tax-free environment. That leaves you with quite a bit of disposable income. In addition, outsourcing services are very competitively priced.

Think about it, what things you can do here which are normally expensive in your own country? Personally, I pamper myself with taxi rides when I don’t feel like driving. I consider taking a taxi in Dubai to be relatively cheap, while I avoid buying imported vegetables and fruits that can be very expensive when I can buy local ones. The same applies for domestic help. An hour cleaning in Dubai costs on average 35 AED compared to 45 AED in London, 50.5 AED in Germany, and 55 AED in Ireland. So why not rest while you can get some professional help to help you enjoy your Dubai lifestyle further?

Being away from family

You just moved to a new place and a new city. You have no family here to call and ask for help. This experience can be very overwhelming and stressful especially if you have children. You have to adjust to the new country, new culture, new rules, etc. Don’t get overwhelmed if you can just hire someone to help you at a very affordable price. Think about how much your hour costs compared to how much you pay for a cleaner. Do the math and see how life in Dubai can be awesome!

Nice weather not to be missed

two young youth jumping on the beach

The sun shines almost every day in Dubai. Why don’t you wear your trainers and go jogging along the beach, or simply go rest under the sun, or read a book while soaking in essential vitamin D. Even at peak temperatures during the summer period there are so many activities that you can occupy your time with instead of doing household chores, unless you are one of the few people who actually enjoys cleaning!

Long working hours

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Longer working hours make it difficult for people to keep up with housework. Most people work more than their official working hours. You do not want to end up with the few hours left in the evening cleaning. It can be really hard to keep your place spotlessly clean.

On a side note:

Once you have made up your mind to hire a cleaning services in Dubai, it is very important to avoid hiring illegal maids. You are put at high risk by hiring someone you don’t have any background information about. Also if you get caught by the government (and this is not unlikely) you will be fined up to 100,000 AED. So think twice before consider hiring illegal home help. It’s really not worth it.

Finally, you might consider having a full-time maid as opposed to a part-time one. However, having a full-time maid is extremely costly and you need to take in considering many additional expenses such as agency fees and yearly visa fees. You also need to consider a bigger apartment to accommodate your cleaner.

Hence why the most practical option is to hire part-time maids with Helpling.