How to Organise Your Closet in 3 Simple Steps

How to Organise Your Closet in 3 Simple Steps

Each of us has some skeletons in the closet – as well a few clothes that we haven’t worn in forever.

Our closet contains all the different aspects of our lives: the clothes that we wear for work, those for casual lazy days, for special occasions, for going out with friends, sportswear…With so much going on in there it can become hard to stay organised and keep track of what clothes you own.

So we’ve got together with Italy’s original professional organisation company, Organize Italy, to get the best tips on how to organise your wardrobe in just three easy steps.

Step 1: Evaluate your clothes

Focus your attention on what you want to keep rather than on what you want to throw away. If you’re unsure about a particular item, it probably isn’t worth sacrificing space to keep it. You could use that space for something you definitely want to keep instead. You should only keep what you really like – and actually wear.

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Only keep the clothes you’re willing to wear right now, especially the ones you received compliments on. Maybe you have clothes you like but are not happy to wear because you feel uncomfortable in them. Why keep them if you don’t use them?

They may be too tight or too loose, give you an allergic reaction, or are itchy or scratchy. If for any reason a piece of clothing does not agree with you, don’t hold on to it. Throw it out.

Do your clothes present the image you want to project people? It’s not worth keeping clothes that don’t reflect your personality.

It’s okay to keep one or two items of clothing you don’t wear but are nostalgic about (your wedding dress/suit, for example). However, too many items that take you down memory lane but will never be worn again will waste space. Choose carefully.

And how about that expensive dress, pair of shoes, or tie you bought but have never worn? Leaving it to gather dust in the closet does not write off the cost. In fact, the item becomes more costly while you keep it just hanging there! Try finding a friend who might like to buy it from you, or sell it online.

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Unneeded clothes in a recycling bin

Why keep a skirt, a shirt, or a pair of shoes ‘you might want to wear someday‘ when, let’s face it, who knows when you will actually wear these items? Clothes go in and out of fashion, your body changes, your style changes, and the odds of you wearing an outfit you haven’t touched in 12 months are slim. Be honest with yourself and eliminate the unnecessary clothes that wasting your precious closet space.

Step 2: Economise spaces

Before buying products to help you organise (boxes, baskets, hangers, etc.) you have to invest some time in evaluating your space to make sure you choose the right options.

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Organising boxes

With the closet completely cleared out, you can start to see how much space is available. Draw a small diagram on paper to help you, as if you were an architect.

Now you can get creative! Is there anything already in your house that can help you optimise your closet space? Use hooks, shelves, baskets, etc. See if they can fit into your reorganisation project. Try to reuse as many things as you can so you can minimise your costs.

Choose the best products to suit you and choose durable ones: it’s better to spend a little more now so you know that the system you’re creating will be reliable and easy to maintain.

Step 3: Systemise your clothes

Only now can you begin putting everything back into the wardrobe using your new organisation method. Use all available space and make it beautiful to motivate yourself to maintain this system of organisation.

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Try to keep it simple when arranging your closet. Make sure you can do it with ease and simplify the organisation of all your clothing. This will save you time when choosing what to wear, and give you a wardrobe to be proud of!

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