5 Tips to Avoid Ironing Forever & still Achieve Wrinkle Free Clothes

5 Tips to Avoid Ironing Forever & still Achieve Wrinkle Free Clothes

Do you hate ironing? Find out more on how you can say goodbye to your iron and ironing board forever!

Have you ever heard of anyone expressing their love for ironing or ditching a night out as they had to iron? No, neither have we! The truth about ironing is that it’s very time-consuming, boring and pretty much never ending. Why spend so much effort if you are able to tackle the wrinkles more effectively?

Read on for 5 tips that will help you say goodbye to your iron for good! no joke!

Tip #1 The Shower Method

shower head bathroom

The first tip requires very minimal effort from your end and is a great last minute solution for creases. All you have to do is to hang the creased garment up in your bathroom, and take a nice warm shower (the longer the shower and steamier the shower, the better). In less than 10 minutes, once you are done with your shower, remove your garment from the hanger and have a look at the affected areas. You will be amazed that the steam  from the shower has gotten rid of the unsightly wrinkles, leaving you with crease-free clothing.

Extra tip: If you are really rushed for time, try shutting all the windows and doors in your bathroom to avoid steam from escaping.

Tip #2 Use a Spray Bottle


Are you in the process of preparing your clothes for the next day and noticed some wrinkles on them? Grab your spray bottle, fill it with water and spray away.

Extra tip: Be careful not to overdo it, just a little water goes a long way!

Tip #3 Use Your Flat Hair Iron: Not Just For Straightening your Hair

To some, this method might seem a little like ironing but some have find it a lot faster and more effective in getting rid of wrinkles than ironing. The flat iron works best on collars, cuffs of your shirt and the hem of your dress. Not as convenient for full ironing of garments.

Extra tip: Make sure your straightener is clean from your used hair products to prevent dirt sticking to your favourite white t-shirt!

Tip #4 Flatten Under Your Mattress

Here’s another reason for you to love your bed, as it can also be used to de-wrinkle your clothes. Roll the creased garments like how you would roll a burrito and place them under your mattress. Leave them there for about an hour or so and let your mattress work its magic. Your clothes will be crease-free and ready to wear!

Extra tip: Ensure that your mattress is clean first, to avoid dust mites getting into your clothes which can be quite nasty.

Tip #5 Tumble Dry Tough Creases

clothes washing machine

The final quick fix would be to tumble dry your creased clothes. Just spray a little water on your creased clothes and dump them in the tumble dryer. After just a few minutes, they’re ready to be worn again!

Extra tip: Remove the the clothes from the dryer as soon as they’re done. If you leave them in for too long, the wrinkles will return, and you will have to start over again.

If you do not have time or simply feeling feeling lazy – then you can always book cleaner with Helpling and let the cleaners take care of all your ironing.