12 Unusual Things That Can Go in the Dishwasher

12 Unusual Things That Can Go in the Dishwasher

A dishwasher does make life a whole lot easier! It means you don’t have to worry about getting dry hands scrubbing the grime of all your dishes. But that’s not all it does, your dishwasher is capable of more than just washing up some dirty dishes. It’s kind of a miracle machine – put in anything (that does not melt at a high temperature) and watch the dishwasher sanitize it.

Helpling has come up with 12 things you wouldn’t think could go in your dishwasher but actually can!

1. Salmon

This one might shock you but you can cook salmon in the dishwasher. The steam that comes out from the dishwasher can slow cook your fillet. To be able to use this trick, wrap the salmon in tin foil and put it in the top rack of the dishwasher. Turn up the temperature to about 70 degree Celsius and your fillet will be ready when the cycle is over. Caution: Do not use detergent while cooking the piece of fish.Fresh Salmon Fillet

2. Fridge Shelves

Your fridge drawers can have up to 8,000 bacteria per square cm! So it’s vital your fridge gets a good cleaning from time to time. You can use a mixture of lemon water and baking soda to clean the shelves, but that’s just extra work. Save time and pop them in the dishwasher instead.Clean Fridge

3. Keyboards

Your keyboard is a breeding ground for bacteria and therefore should be cleaned regularly either using products such as wet wipes and brushes or simply the dishwasher. This might be surprising but if you have a detachable keyboard it can be washed in dishwasher – a perfect way to get rid of all the germs sitting on it. Do not use detergents when washing it and leave it for a few days to dry before plugging it back into the computer.

4. Light Switches Covers

We bet you never thought this was possible! We use light switches on a daily basis which means they can get quite dirty. To clean them up, remove the covers and give them a rinse in the dishwasher. Keep it at a mid temperature to ensure the covers do not get ruined.  Light Switches

5. Stove Knobs

Cooking can be a messy process! Stirring your creations can sometimes result in food spilling on the hob and the knobs getting greasy. So, if your stove has removable knobs, detach them and put them in the dishwasher to get rid of the grease.Stove Knobs

6. Razors

Using a razor carries the risk of a skin infection so it’s very important to keep the blade clean and sharp. By regularly cleaning your razor, you reduce the risk of bacteria forming on it which means the chance of you getting an infection if you cut yourself while shaving is lowered. One way this can be done is to put the razors in a glass container and wash them in your dishwasher.Razor

7. Make- Up Brushes

Since they’re used everyday, it’s important to clean them regularly as well.  It’s advised that they should be washed once a month at least to get rid of all the dead skin and bacteria on them. Rather than taking up the task of washing your makeup brushes by hand, place them in the cutlery section of the dishwasher for a wash.Make up Brushes

8. Sponges

Research has shown that 10% of household sponges have traces of salmonella. Who would have thought! That’s why it’s vital to clean them occasionally. Rather than throwing them away, why not give them a spin in the dishwasher. Wash them in a hot temperature to remove the germs on the sponges and then run a dry cycle.

9. Shoes

Shoes that can be worn in the sand and sea can also be put in the dishwasher. Flip flops and sandals can all be given a rinse in the dishwasher but be careful to remove all accessories from them first. However, this rule does not apply to all shoes. Do not put tennis shoes or fabric shoes in the dishwasher, they will get ruined and you will be upset.

10. Cup Holders

Most cars have cup holders in them which means you can take your caffeine craving everywhere. However, these holders do tend to get dirty with coffee spills and stains and therefore, need to be cleaned occasionally. If they can be removed, it might be a good idea to stick them in the dishwasher to get those stains out.Cup Holder

11. Toys

Children’s toys can get very dirty and since kids loving putting their toys in their mouths, they need to be kept clean and free from all the dirt. To clean children’s toys put them in a laundry bag or cutlery holder and place this in the dishwasher. Although, only plastic and metallic toys can be cleaned in this way. header_toys-630x473-630x473

12. Potatoes

Getting all the dirt of your potatoes can be a tiresome task. Put them in the top shelf of your dishwasher and run a short cycle and your potatoes will be dirt free. Just remember not to add in detergent when rinsing the potatoes or else, your potatoes will taste funny!Potatoes