About Us


Welcome to Helpling UAE blog. My name is Manar and I am the founder of Helpling in the Middle East.

Cleaning is a chore that isn’t for everyone. Some people enjoy waking up on a weekend to give their home a deep cleaning, while others dread it – personally, I definitely dread it. But regardless if you love it or not, the fact is that it’s so much easier and efficient to have someone else do it! That’s where Helping comes in…

Helping is an online platform that connects you with experienced and insured home cleaners that will come in and make your home sparkle and shine better than you ever could. We first started in Berlin in 2014 and we are now in 12 countries and 250 cities. In little over a year, Helping has become the leading online marketplace for connecting people with experienced and trustworthy home cleaners.

We’re proud to announce that Helping has come to the UAE, and my team and I are excited to be a part of the Helping community. I wanted to introduce myself and provide some background for Helping UAE’s first blog post!

Fairly new to the Helping community, we’ve been servicing the Dubai area since February and are looking to expand our exceptional cleaning services across to other Emirates in the near future.

The great thing about Helping is that it just makes life easier. Technology has spoiled us, and tasks like calling around to find the best house cleaner or screening potential candidates are a thing of the past with Helping around. Instead of having to spell out your address five times over the phone, you simply enter a few things into our system and you’re good to go! We also reduce illegal employment of cleaning staff in the UAE since we do thorough background checks on everyone we work with.

Our Helping team totally understands that it takes a lot to let a stranger come into your home, which is why we take the time and put in the effort in partnering up with only the very best Cleaning Service providers in UAE.

At Helping, our goal is to provide our customers with more free time to spend with their loved ones and doing things they enjoy; not staying home on the weekend to make sure their home is clean.

We at Helpling want to take care of you by taking care of your home! This is what makes the Helping experience different from any other cleaning services out there, and we take pride in providing all of our customers with quality home cleaning services in Dubai each and every time.

So stop stressing out about finding time to clean your home and let us take care of all the dirty work…literally!

See you all soon!


Founder – Helpling UAE