Cleaning services – Do I need them?

Cleaning services – Do I need them?

How can a cleaning service be of any help?

Like it or not, cleaning is one thing that nobody has escaping from. Cleaning is an art that not everyone is good at. Realizing this there are people providing specialized cleaning services be of any help?

! A clean surrounding not only imparts positive vibes, it also makes a person want to work harder and in the case of kids, study and perform well in their areas of interest.

Here a few reasons why one should take the help of professionals in cleaning your spaces; be it at home or at the office:

You don’t have time:

Everybody loves to have neat and clean surroundings at all times. But various factors contribute to a person not being able to achieve neat and organized spaces. Be it running a big office, owning a big apartment, being full time occupied with your office commitments or being a mom; cleaning is one thing that takes up a lot of time but something everyone finds very difficult to take time out for!

Hiring a cleaning service not only helps in ensuring that you have your spaces spic and span at desired times but also relieves a person of the constant mental stress of finding time to clean. Also in the short time that a person is able to take out for cleaning, they are unable to clean to the desired standards, leaving one frustrated and still not very organized.

Save time:

Some people enjoy cleaning. But finding the time to clean and that also thoroughly and quickly is quite difficult. As deep cleaning is not something you do every day, even though you might enjoy cleaning, your efficiency will be very low and you will end up bone tired by the end of the day.

Cut to a professional who does it day in and day out, not only are they thorough with their jobs, they also manage to achieve the same if not better results in half the time, saving you a lot of time and energy.

You don’t need to teach:

Any help, if arranged on your own, always needs some bit of training and explaining how you like to have things cleaned and organized, which can get tiresome. Also, you cannot leave them on their own and constant monitoring and supervising is required.

On the other hand with a professional cleaning service, they are specially trained for thorough cleaning jobs, so one just needs to leave the house at their disposal and come back to a perfectly neat and tidy house, productively occupying your time for other chores.

You don’t have to stock on supplies:

Cleaning requires products, which one might not use on a daily basis for cleaning. Investing in these products is a big expense, especially as they also have a tendency to evaporate and deteriorate if not stored properly. They also end up occupying a lot of space around the house.

When hiring a professional cleaning service, they come with their own supplies, which are also better as they normally use products meant for industrial purposes. One only needs to pay the predetermined cost of cleaning, which is always inclusive of supplies, irrespective of the quantities used. This ensures great cleaning with no wastage of supplies and storage space.

Not worry about insurance:

God forbid your cleaning help were to have an accident while cleaning in your premise! You will have to pay for their treatment out of your own pockets, as you would not buy insurance for this purpose.

The employees from a cleaning company are always insured, so in the unfortunate incident of an accident, while working, you will not have to worry about the cost of treatment and insurance.

Use workforce more productively:

In the workplace we often expect the employees to keep their desks and surrounding areas clean. Each person has their own definition of cleanliness, which might not live up to your expectations. To avoid a shabby looking office and to maintain a uniformly neat and clean looking workplace it is better to employ a cleaning service, which can come and clean up before the employees come into work. This not only helps in making sure the employees can focus on their work but a clean environment also promotes productivity.

Spend quality family time:

In most households, weekends, which are ideally meant for spending quality time with your family and friends, are mostly spent cleaning the house and ultimately everyone in the family getting annoyed and upset with each other.

Cleaning services are a great help in this scenario. Not only do you get to relax, enjoy and spend quality time with your loved ones, you also get a thoroughly cleaned house at the end of it all.

Say bye to infections:

Believe it or not, if the house or office spaces are not cleaned thoroughly from time to time with proper cleaning supplies; the spaces, especially the bathrooms, kitchens, and cafeterias can become a minefield of germs and infections, just waiting to infect the unsuspecting person.

Professional maids are trained to clean these spaces with area-specific products so that all the germs are eliminated and you have safe surroundings to live and work in. The amount of money one ends up paying a cleaning service will be way less than what one might end up spending on doctors and treatments. In some cases, the infections can become life threatening also.

To sum it up, if one wants a clean and hassle-free life, whether on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on your need and requirement, it is advisable to engage with professional cleaners.

Guest Author: Sarah is a senior content curator in HolidayFactors, a leading holiday portal in Dubai, UAE.