Recycling: DIY soap dispenser

Recycling: DIY soap dispenser

Tired of your conventional soap dispenser and want to undergo a new project? It’s not always easy to find the right dispenser. Some are an eyesore, some leak, and sometimes it seems impossible to find the one that suits you. This DIY soap dispenser will give your sink a more elaborate look and you can build it yourself using only a glass jar!

You can use objects that would have otherwise ended up in the garbage and turn them into useful and decorative objects for your home. An environmentally friendly practice!

Creating DIY soap dispenser:


All you need to create your dispenser

  1. A glass jar with its lid: for example jam or olive jars.
  2. The top of a disposable soap dispenser – the part which is pushed down to dispense soap. These are sold in various colours and can easily be found in supermarkets.
  3. A drill.

Let’s get started! 3 easy steps:

1. Measure the diameter of the soap dispenser top so the tube that dispenses soap can fit through and draw a circle at the centre of the lid of the jar.


Mark the diameter of the tube from the soap dispenser piece

2. Drill a hole in the lid of the point where you’ve marked the circle.


Perforated cover

3. Fill the jar with soap liquid, and put the soap dispenser lid you’ve just created on to seal it. Your DIY soap dispenser is ready to use!


Dispenser almost done

How to decorate and beautify your DIY soap dispenser:

Give a creative touch to your new dispenser and colour it using spray or tempera paint. Remember that it will often get wet so try use waterproof materials when decorating.

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