8 homemade delightfully intoxicating remedies against foul smells

8 homemade delightfully intoxicating remedies against foul smells

Wish your house always smelled like roses? Is you place stifled by that overpowering fishy smell after cooking a delicious fish dinner? And it might be too cold outside to simply open the windows and air out your house. Instead, use Helpling’s 8 simple remedies that will help eliminate foul odors from your home and create some more pleasant fragrances:

Cat litter may neutralize odors


You can neutralize unpleasant odors in your home by using cat litter. Fill some socks with the litter, then you place them at the source of any bad smells: in closets, shoes, or the bottom of the rubbish bin; it will absorb bad smells! For your fridge, put the litter in a container and then place it in the fridge. Tip: Don’t forgot to replace the litter weekly before they become saturated.

Lemon as perfume for the fridge


You don’t have cat litter in your home? No problem, cut a lemon in half and take out the pulp then fill it with salt. If you place it on the bottom shelf of your fridge; the salt will absorb odors and lemon zest releases a pleasant scent.

Coffee beans by candlelight


Fill a jar with coffee beans and put a candle inside. When you light it, the heat will cause the grains to release an enjoyable aroma which should spread throughout the house.

Perfume vacuuming


Sometimes, after use, vacuums release unpleasant smells of mold. To solve this problem, just pour a few drops of scented oil in the dust bag.

Eucalyptus: fresh and fragrant


Eucalyptus leaves are not only a great decoration but also create a fresh fragrance. Place a vase of them in any room to restore its freshness or alternatively, hang them in the shower; the steam will release their scent throughout the bathroom.

Vinegar fights fishy smells


Prawns stir-fried with garlic and lemon are certainly a delicious meal but the smell it gives off tends to linger around the house and is anything but pleasant. Just remember that a container full of vinegar works wonders against these powerful odors.

Oranges and cloves


Insert cloves into the skin of an orange and place it in a container or wrap it in cloth then hang it in an area of your house that would benefit from a pleasing smell. Depending on the time of year – you can apply the same method in different things: for example, a pumpkin at Halloween!

Intense and spicy


Are you a fan of strong scents? Just boil some spices! First choose your favorite smelling spice, we recommend choosing from cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, rosemary or pine needles. Then add a small amount of the spice in a pot with water with a little olive oil and bring it to boil. After its boiled, spread small samples of it around your house to get an intense, spicy smell; intoxicating!

We hope our tips prove useful and you’ll now have fresh smells in every corner of your home. If you have any other suggestions for us, leave a comment below!


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