7 Steps to De-stress Your Life

7 Steps to De-stress Your Life

Is your boss demanding too much from you at work? Is there too much to do at home? Have you got too many commitments to fulfill? Life can get hectic in Dubai and sometimes you want a break. We have seven tips that are guaranteed to help you de-stress at home so you can finally relax and unwind.

1. Let the Frustration Out:

Had a tough day at work? Did the kids drive you insane? Blast out some music. Acoustic music has been proven to be extremely effective at reducing stress and calming down a person. If that does not help, take it to the next level and buy a punching bag to bash out the stress. And if you’re still feeling stressed then just go down the classic route of shouting. A few loud screams should help release all that bottled up stress.Smashing Watermelons

2. To-Do List:

Most tasks on one’s to do list can be done in a minute or so. The trick to creating effective to do lists is to not make them very long as this causes undue stress. Keeping your list short and focused will allow you to be more effective at accomplishing tasks throughout the day. Remember to tick off a task from the list when you finish it, this will make you feel good at the end of the day.

Creating a To-Do List

3. Enjoy Your Time Off:

Found yourself with an hour to spare in the evening with nothing to do? Leave the guilty conscious behind and do something you like. To help you de-stress, take a bath, order in your favourite dish or watch a movie you love. Pamper yourself and make the most of the time you have. This will help you feel rejuvenated and refreshed for the new day ahead.

4. Make Decisions:

Nothing is more agonizing than spending days and weeks over making a decision. Delaying decisions does nothing for your stress levels. Some of us find it hard to even make the simplest of decisions such as whether to eat rice or pasta for dinner. Our advice is not to waste precious time complicating things and pondering over decisions. Ask yourself the question ‘does it really matter?’ If not, then just leave the decision to your stomach or then flip a coin. It really does work! Just remember even wrong decisions are better than no decision.Helpling_Stressreduktion_entscheiden

6. Have Order in Your Life:

Having a disorderly place can cause unnecessary stress. Have you ever tried looking for your keys and found them in the fruit bowl? In order to avoid all the confusion and stress of looking for lost items, have a place where they can go. Have a designated place for items such as your keys, sunglasses and loose change. Then if you’re in a rush you won’t waste time and brain cells looking for things. To be more stress free it also helps to get rid off all the unnecessary clutter in your homeHelpling_Stressreduktion_Ordnung-1024x683

6. Household Chores:

You have been working all day and all you want to do when you get home is switch off in front of the TV but you still have the dishes to wash from last night and a load of laundry to do! Leave the daily chores to someone else. Having some sort of domestic help can take away a lot of your stress. You can now book a cleaner online and they will take care of everything for you so you can come back to a perfectly tidy place.

7. Create a Relaxation Place:

Spend time creating a room in your home where you can blow off some steam. You don’t have to go all out creating this space, even a few simple candles can help to create a soothing atmosphere. And if you want to try something different you can use Feng Shui principles to create a nice ambiance to help you relax. The main thing is that this area  should be a place you can escape to to take your mind of things. Everyone has a different way of relaxing after a long day, be it yoga, watching a movie or listening to music. Use this space to do something you love to ease the stress of everyday life.Helpling_Stressreduktion_yoga