Coffee Grounds Recycled for Household Cleaning

Coffee Grounds Recycled for Household Cleaning

If you start your morning with a cup of homemade coffee, you know how quickly the amount of used coffee grounds can add up. Your favorite coffee blend can provide more than just a daily caffeine boost. For all the coffee lovers and amateur baristas out there, here are some Helpling tips on how to repurpose your leftover grounds around the house.


Solve the smelly hand problem with used coffee grounds

Cooking some of your favorite dishes with garlic or salmon can leave a lingering smell on your hands. Remedy this with used coffee grounds. Once you finish cooking, simply rub your hands with coffee grounds, as they release oils to absorb the smell.  Rinse afterwards with cold water.


Deodorize and neutralize refrigerator odors

Use coffee grounds as a natural air freshener in your refrigerator. Place a small bowl of coffee grounds at the back of the fridge or on a shelf. The coffee will slowly dry out from the cold and produce a coffee odor. Remember to change it once every two weeks.


Coffee grounds for dishwashing

You had friends over for dinner and left the dishwashing till the morning after. Now the food has hardened on your plates, making it tough to remove and wash. Make things easier by adding 2-3 teaspoons of coffee grounds into warm water. Then let the dishes soak for a bit in this mixture. Now armed with a sponge or soft brush, it should be easy scrubbing. This works equally well for stove tops.


The perfect fertilizer

Coffee grounds can also wake-up tired plants as a great natural fertilizer. Just sprinkle the coffee grounds into the potting soil and mix well. Coffee grounds contain nutrients such as potassium and phosphorus which it can pass on to the plants. Just place the coffee grounds at the root of the plant or dilute it with water and spray it directly on the leaves.


To ward off fleas from pets

You can also ward off fleas with coffee grounds. If your pet is suffering from this problem and you are looking for an effective remedy, here’s our solution: after fully shampooing your dog, rub coffee grounds throughout your dog’s coat. Rinse off the coffee grounds and your dog will be free of fleas.


Share with us any other used coffee ground tips in the comments below and find out how you can use olive oil to clean around the house.

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