16 Fast and easy hacks to stop household allergens and change your life!

16 Fast and easy hacks to stop household allergens and change your life!

Sick of sneezing and moping around the house? Dreading laundry day and the next time you have to change the bedding? Well, you’re in luck! Here is a concise list of easy to take steps and permanent changes you can make around your home that will severely reduce the risk of allergen build up. So say goodbye to that runny nose and say good bye to your red eyes!

1. Stop moisture build up in your fridgeFridge water

Have a high vegetable turnover? Keep newspaper in the vegetable  compartment. Wipe off excessive moisture on the underside of the shelves. Keep an eye on the drainage outlet at the back – you know the one that’s always either frozen or full of water. This will help prevent the buildup of airborne bacteria and thereby your allergies.

2. Let your dryer’s outflow outside & change filter regularlyTumble dryer filter with lint

This will dramatically reduce the buildup of fluff and dust particles in the air in your home and stop triggering off those nasty sneezes.


3. Consider getting rid of any unnecessary materials in the bathroom – humid areas – e.g. shower curtainsRetro hower curtain

These can really trigger off a bad day when mildew and mold start to grow on them. Consider an installed shower and/or a freestanding bathtub that you can clean quickly and easily – one that won’t harbor any hidden dirt.

4. Keep the entrances to your home clean and free of clutterFront door

A doorway is a magnet for dust and dirt. Throw in flower pots and mailboxes and foot mats to the equation, and you have yourself a one way ticket to dust central. We aren’t saying don’t keep these items outside your house, just not in the direct vicinity of a main entrance.

5. Throw out any unneeded rugs!Kitchen rug

We don’t even need to say that these things are a no no. They harbor everything from pet hair to pollen to rodent dander – so just throw them out.

6. Mop up the dustMop on hard woord floor

Mop the flow with a damp mop head, after vacuum cleaning, to make sure all that airborne dust is gone. A simple damp mop will trap dust, as opposed to making it fly around again.

7. Mattress careMattress protecter

There are a few things you can do with your mattress to stop your allergies from going haywire. One is to regularly beat, vacuum and turn your mattress. The other one – which is much easier –  is to buy some allergen barrier bedding – it may cost a little, but it’s worth it!

8. Keep the tops of cupboards cleanTop of cupboard with newspaper on top

One way to do this is to line them with newspaper and refresh once in a while. This also helps to prevent the buildup of grease/dust/grime in the kitchen and will save you time during your spring clean.

9. Replace carpets with hard flooringLaying down a laminated wooden floor

Yes, they are warm and soft but if you suffer from airborne allergens in your own home then it’s time to say goodbye to your old friend, the carpet. Not only is hard flooring easier to clean, you can also visibly identify dust on the floor when the surface needs a clean.

10. Clear out the ‘storage areas’ of your homeBusy and cluttered basement or garage

By this we mean your clutter throughout the house. Either invest in some dust resistant storage solutions or have a sort-out and throw away some of that clutter. This will stop the buildup and creation of new dust.

11. Keep stuffed animals to a minimumStuffed animals

The more is not the merrier in this case. These things are dust magnets. Even if your kids do love them all, they presumably have up to 5 favorites; throw out/give away/store the others and wash the favorites regularly.

12. Remove any high up sources of dust & moldCoving with damp and water damage

E.g. horizontal blinds are a nightmare to clean and every time you use them they send out thousands of dust particles into the air – which you don’t want. Search for an alternative – like a pull down blind, thin and easy hang curtains or simply nothing, provided it is an area where privacy is not an issue. Repairing cracks and damp immediately will help too!

13. Keep bins in an easy to clean place and change them regularlyWaste bins

This will help to prevent the build up of pet/rodent dander and insect particles – which are known triggers for those with allergies. Being able to quickly and easily clean the bins will help to.

14. Stop buying scented cleaning agentsCleaning agents in store

The added scent used in the manufacturing of these products can often trigger off an unwanted reaction – so go for unscented cleaning products next time you’re the store.

15. Leave the house after you have done cleaningWoman shopping in supermarket with trolly

Popping out for an hour or two will not only be a good piece of exercise but it will also allow the airborne dust generated by cleaning to settle.

16. Get someone else to do the cleaning tasks you suffer most fromCleaner at work

There is no shame in asking! You may even want to hire a cleaner to do this for you if it takes to much time or still persists in setting off your allergies. For more information on our cleaning services in Dubai, visit Helpling. You can book a part-time maid from as little as 35AED per hour in less than 60 seconds, get out of the house and come back to an allergen free zone!