Natural Home Cleaning with Olive Oil

Natural Home Cleaning with Olive Oil

Steeped in Mediterranean culture and cuisine, olive oil is synonymous with health. Olive oil comes from the juice of crushed olives, being the only cooking oil made naturally without chemical or industrial refining. At Helpling, we’ve compiled a list of cleaning tips as we found these alternative uses of olive oil for home cleaning. From removing adhesives to adding shine to dull wooden surfaces, olive oil has just as many benefits around the house as it does for your health.


Adding shine to wooden floors and surfaces

Get rid of noticeable scratches on wooden surfaces by rubbing the surface with a ¼ vinegar and ¾ olive oil mixture with a piece of cloth. To polish the wood, simply substitute the vinegar with a squeeze of lemon. This keeps the wood supple and makes it shine. Any excess oil should be removed with a dry cloth.

Extinguish unpleasant odors

Are your drains exuding bad breathe? Eliminate the foul odor by pouring a tablespoon of olive oil down the drain. You can also add a little essential oil to improve a neutral smell to a pleasant one.

No more fuss over removing adhesives

Olive oil is ideal for removing adhesive residues left on plastic, leather, wood or on any other smooth surfaces. With a cloth dipped in a little olive oil, rub the area until the adhesive residue is gone. Be careful with some materials, such as leather, as too much oil can leave a stain.

Help prevent water stains on stainless steel

Olive oil can also to be used to help prevent watermarks on your stainless steel kitchen sink, those annoying spots that make any cleaning job look undone. Wipe the kitchen sink with a light layer of olive oil to help prevent water stains.

Eliminate the noise of squeaky doors

Are squeaky doors making their presence too well-known? Use olive oil as a natural lubricant. Just add a few drops of olive oil on the hinges or lock and distribute over the surface with a cloth. Your home will no longer sound haunted.

Treat your plants to some leaf care

Are you remembering back to the days when your houseplants had a little more gloss? Pour a few drops of oil on a handkerchief and use it to gently rub the leaves one by one. Also, when you water the plants, add a few drops of olive oil for further nourishment.
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