Valentine’s Day – 4 Ways To Get it Right!

Valentine’s Day – 4 Ways To Get it Right!

Every year there is pressure to get Valentine’s Day right. We all know the essential ingredients’ for the day are; romance, ambience and food. But sometimes it gets hard to coordinate it all in time. That’s why, this year, Helpling has come to your rescue. These tips will help you make it a night to remember!

1. Flowers:

Most of us love getting flowers. They are one of the most famous way to express love and are are a great way to make someone feel desired. Apart from that, they smell amazing and can really decorate the place. So do it right this year round and treat your loved one to a nice display of flowers. Make sure to personalize the arrangement to make it even more special!

2. A Clean Home is a Happy Home:

Since 1 in 5 arguments start because of an unclean home, nothing tells the person you love them more than a clean place. Coming back to a sparkly clean place after a long day of work will put a smile on anyone’s face. There will be no need to worry about doing the dishes, taking out the trash or vacuuming the floor, giving you the chance to have some time to yourselves to relax and unwind.

3. Romantic Dinner for Two:

Restaurants tend to get very overcrowded on Valentine’s Day. This year, instead of trying to secure a place at some busy place why not enjoy a romantic meal for two at home. You can enjoy dinner from the privacy of your own home away from prying eyes making this Valentine’s Day even more special.

4. Pamper Yourself:

Get ready for the day by treating yourself to a pampering session, a massage can help ease the tension allowing you to relax and enjoy the big day. Or you can even get a mani-pedi to prepare yourself for the evening ahead. A pampering session is the perfect way to prepare for the special day.

However, flowers, cleaning, dinner and pampering can all take time to prepare properly and can become costly affair…

That’s why this year, Helpling has gone the extra mile to arrange this all for you! One of our lucky customers who books before the 9th of February has the chance to win a great Valentine’s Day with all of the above added magic. The prize includes: 

120 AED (3 hours) worth of free cleaning with Helpling

100 AED worth of Foodora from any high end restaurant on their platform

350 AED worth of Vaniday at De La Mer for a mani-pedi, a blow dry and head massage

That’s over 500 AED worth of goodies!

Prizes offered

Since it’s the time of the year to express love, we’re giving a little bit extra to all those who book a cleaning with us:

60 AED off when you spend more than 100 AED at Vaniday

14% off at La Brioche when you book through Foodora

20% off when you spend more than 300 AED from

All you have to do is enter the code below when booking your next cleaning appointment with us.


Check out the full details of the offer here.

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