The kitchen reinvented: 5 practical ideas to save space!

The kitchen reinvented: 5 practical ideas to save space!

The kitchen is the heart of every home and it’s orientation is very important. It marks the rhythm of our lives, from breakfast in the morning to midnight snacking! Everyone can have their say in the kitchen, professional chefs or complete beginners. The important thing is to make it your own and have everything you need ready at hand. If you have limited space then you will need to be well organized. We have some ideas for your kitchen that will enable you to effectively use your kitchen space and get everything organized how you want it!

Basil and ladles

When cooking, the quality of the ingredients makes a huge difference. What better way to complete your penne with tomato sauce masterpiece than with a few leaves of fresh basil? Here is a brilliant solution to keep your basil, sage or rosemary close at hand yet avoid cluttering your countertops. You can also use these racks to hang ladles and ensure you don’t deprive yourself of any precious drawer space.


The alternative spice rack

Never thought you could save space and decorate the kitchen at the same time? Well you can! You don’t need to keep your constantly overflowing spice rack cluttering a countertop or shelf, we have a more appealing solution. Small metal containers attached to the wall are a fancy way to decorate and are practical for displaying your spices.


Waste: what a waste of space!

Let’s face it, it can be hard to find suitable space for the bins. How do you avoid having a long line of bins that, not only take away from the aesthetics of the room but can also be an awkward obstacle in the kitchen? We recommend using a drawer, it comes in handy saving floor space and keeps the bins out of sight. Brilliant, right?


The drawer corner

The corner of the kitchen can be a constant dilemma for people everywhere. We can open it to the right or to the left, but the two always block each other off. Many choose to keep things simple and just have one, but there is another way. This drawer helps solve the problem with a simple mechanism that removes the frustrations of the right angle of your kitchen: everything can be in order!



Here’s a creative way to save space in the kitchen. Just a little DIY project to create more space and make your kitchen more interesting than before. Fridges can easily fill up fast, so where can you put all your bottled drinks? Plastic has some storage advantages in comparison to glass and you can exploit these: two metal rails for sliding doors wall-mounted can hold your plastic bottles. Set this up behind your kitchen doors and it remains discrete and won’t draw any attention!



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