5 cleaning tips for a refreshing bed!

5 cleaning tips for a refreshing bed!

They say that humans spend two-third of their life sleeping in bed, but do they know that it is a breeding ground of bacteria? If we are spending that much time in our bed, it is crucial to ensure that our bed sheets are cleaned regularly to avoid possible allergies or infections. You might be surprised by the amount of bacteria, dust mites hidden under your bed sheets. Theses microscopic bugs can build up in unclean beds and therefore cause you health problems.

Helpling offers you 5 quick cleaning tips for a healthy and safe bed:

Easy steps to wash your bed sheets

Start your bedding cleaning session by washing your bed sheets. To prevent dust mites and bacteria from reproducing, Helpling suggests you to clean your bed sheets once every week. We present you quick steps that you can follow for refreshing and clean bed sheets. First, check the labels at the back of your sheets. This will inform you about any specific cleaning requirements to follow. Some fabrics may require a careful cleaning rather than a quick round in your washing machine. Next, wash your bed sheets in hot soapy water and let them dry slowly under the sun or in the dryer. Avoid washing them with clothes as it might cause damages. Try to also avoid high heat when washing or drying your sheets because it may cause your fibers to weaken which can lead to rips, stretching out or even losing shape.

Apply baking soda to avoid bad odor and body oil stains

You probably faced the problem of bad odor, yellowish or dark spots on your sheets. Stains originate most likely from body oil. The oil that your skin produces can wreak on fabric. Surprisingly, dish soap can help you get rid of stubborn oil stains. Using dish soap on your sheets is as effective as using it in your dishwashing. Vinegar is another powerful solution. This natural fabric softener is very efficient for odor neutralizing. Simply apply few vinegar drops during your laundry session and you will get rid of your bed sheets’ stinky odors.

Bed cleaning is not complete without pillows’ cleaning!

Similar to mattresses, pillows can gather dust mites, dead skin and hair. Greasy pillows will cause you health problems if left unclean. Again, start your pillows cleaning session by first checking the labels at the back of the item, to ensure that you are following the right cleaning technique. Some pillows require careful consideration when some others can be cleaned through a washing machine. If the washing machine is allowed, clean your pillows on a hot cycle with minimal detergent. Avoid using dryer machine, it may not be efficient for killing bacteria. Similar to mattresses, dry out your pillows by placing them under the sun, as the UV light can help kill bacteria faster.

Protect your mattress from unwanted stains

The very first step in cleaning your mattress is vacuuming it. This will automatically remove all dust mites, hair and dead skin from the mattress. Apply cold water on any recent spills and rub very carefully to get rid of unwanted stains. Often, the enzyme cleaner can effectively clean the stains. All you have to do is simply apply some enzyme cleaner onto a clean cloth and rub it slowly to get fully rid of the unwanted stain. Let it sit for 15 minutes before cleaning it again with a clean cloth damped with cold water.

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Deodorize your mattress with baking soda and essential oil

Baking soda is very powerful when it comes to deodorizing. Simply, sprinkle a little bit of baking soda over the surface of mattress. Adding few drops of essential oil into the baking soda is the next step for a refreshing mattress. By doing so, your favorite essential oil would give your bed a fresh smell. Give it around 30 minutes of time so it absorbs the unwanted odors of your mattress. The longer you leave it, the more it will absorb the odors. Don’t forget to vacuum the mattress to get rid of the baking soda. Now that your mattress is all clean and fresh, let it air out. The fresh air will dry out the cleaning liquid. In summer, you can simply leave the window of your bedroom open and let in the fresh and warm air so your mattress dries out faster.

People with long working hours or busy schedules, usually don’t have enough time to clean their beds on a weekly basis. They’re either overwhelmed with their daily jobs or busy with the household activities, like cleaning. If you don’t have enough time, worry less about it because our part-time maids will take care of it as soon as you ask for our cleaning services in Dubai. Now you can sleep in a refreshing and clean bed!