5 cleaning tips before your holiday trip!

5 cleaning tips before your holiday trip!

School is finally over and it’s time to enjoy your summer holidays with your friends and family! Every year is the same story; summer shopping, packing luggage and a home to clean. As fun as preparing and organizing a holiday is, it all becomes less exciting when you start packing your luggage or cleaning your house. It is crucial before traveling to clean up your home, so that the dust doesn’t build up during your absence. This is why, Helpling team presents you 5 quick cleaning tips for an efficient summer cleaning!

Start from the balcony

You may want to start the cleaning session with the balcony or the outdoor terrace. The country may face some sand or dust storm especially in summer. Start cleaning it from now to prevent the dirt and sand from building up during your absence. Many areas of the terraces are made of marble, a fabric particularly delicate and hard to clean. You may have to clean them carefully and with more consideration. If you want to get rid of excrement of birds, prepare a wet brush and scratch every dirty area with dish soap. This will leave your terrace shiny, clean and sparkling until your return.

wood terrace cleaning

Do not ignore the flowers!

Make sure your flowers last longer during your trip by following these quick helpful tips. First, remove all excess stems and leaves. This will ensure that the water will go directly to the flower. Second, cut the ends of stems at a 45-degree angle. For roses, you will have to cut them underwater. Be sure to keep your flowers under cold water, as placing them under warm water may dehydrate them. Last few hours before your trip, re-cut ends of stems and change the vase water. You may want to keep your flowers safe during your leave, so try contacting your close neighbors and ask them genuinely to take care of your flowers during your absence.

flowers in garden cleaning

Defrost the refrigerator

Refrigerator, when left unclean, becomes a breeding ground of bacteria. If you don’t clean your refrigerator regularly, more than 8000 bacteria will live and reproduce in each square centimeter of the bottom drawer. To prevent the spread of bad odors and the presence of any mold’s traces inside the refrigerator, try using some natural remedies. All you have to do is simply remove the shelves, let them soak for about half an hour in two liters of cold water with a small cup of white vinegar. Deodorize your refrigerator by cleaning every corner of the shelves and outer surfaces with a cloth soaked in vinegar. You can also get rid of bad odor by simply applying a little bit of lemon juice dissolved in a glass of water to disinfect. Finally, turn off the refrigerator and let it open with a cloth to catch any drops of condensation.

bad odors in refrigerator

Do not neglect the bathrooms!

Facing smelly bathrooms are quite unpleasant, especially when you return from vacation! Natural deodorizers are more efficient at masking bad smells than artificial deodorizers. It’s cheaper and safer to make your own natural deodorizer. Simply apply few drops of sweet-smelling essential oil on cotton balls, and place them in a small bowl on a shelf. Applying some vinegar is another way to absorb smelly odors. All you have to do is simply wipe down the walls and areas around the bathroom with white vinegar. This will avoid bad odors to build up during your absence.

cleaning bathroom walls

Wash your dishes and do your laundry before your trip!

You might feel exhausted and tired after the long flight hours. Do your dishes and laundry before your holiday to avoid the anxious feeling on the day of your return. The food on your dishes will be encrusted and it will be more difficult for you to remove them. One study revealed that the kitchen sink contains more bacteria than a toilet. Just think about it, a sponge has up to 50 million bacteria! Finally convinced? Thus, keep some time for your laundry and dish-washing before your flight.

washing dirty dishes before your flight

People with busy schedules, that tend to be anxious before their flights, usually don’t have enough time to clean their house or wash the dishes. If you are a busy person, worry less about it because Helpling cleaners will take care of it as soon as you ask for it. Enjoy your endless summer nights and let Helpling take care of the cleaning during your absence, for a shiny and sparkling house!