Easy hacks for cleaning your gym clothes!

Easy hacks for cleaning your gym clothes!

Do you feel like cleaning your gym gear is a workout in itself? This week we have compiled a list of easy home hacks that will help you clean your gym gear so they are nice and fresh for your next gym session. 

Stinky Protein Shakers

protein shake

Just imagine the smell of a forgotten pickled jar of cabbage your grandma stored away many years back, or the dirty socks that have not been washed over the last 5 years …  As bad as both mentioned scenarios are, the smell is nothing compared to a forgotten and unwashed dirty protein shaker! Hence why it’s crucial for all gym-goers to wash their protein shakers right after use.

Helpling Tip: Just add a couple of tablespoons of vinegar (apple or malt vinegar will do the trick!) to your protein shake bottle and fill it up with hot water from the tap. Leave it overnight and in the morning you’ll have a nose-approved protein bottle, as if you had just gotten a new one!

Smelly Trainers

gym sneakers

Are you a cardio bunny or simply a running enthusiast? Either way, smelly sneakers are a very common problem. Even though odor-free trainers may not exist in the market for now,  we believe that the best way to keep your sneakers smelling fresh is simply by freezing them overnight. We are not kidding but freezing your sneakers will also freeze the bad odors.

Helpling Tip: Put your shoes in a plastic bag, place them inside your freezer and leave them in overnight. You will wake up to the freshest smelling sneakers.

Sports Bras

For all you ladies who are reading this, we know this one will hit the spot for sure.  As you know, in the gym, a sports bra is a woman’s best friend.  Let’s face it, your sports bra knows you better than your trainer. Most sports bras tend to be made of very delicate fabrics so make sure you don’t just throw them in the washing machine with all your other laundry load.

Helpling Tip: Fill up your sink with warm water and use mild detergent (make sure its MILD detergent). Soak your bra in the bubbly luke warm mix, rinse and let them try and voila your bra will once again become your gym ally.

Wrist Straps and Groves


Weightlifting gloves or wrist straps are extremely popular in the gym. Not only do they provide a strong grip support but they also protect our palms from all kinds of bacteria found on dumbbells and other gym equipment that is used by all other gym-goers. As with any other gym accessory, these gloves need to be washed after every single use. Don’t you think that no matter how many times you wash your gloves they still have that certain “after-workout” odor?

Helpling Tip:  soak your gloves/straps in the bathroom sink with a combination of your hair shampoo and conditioner, leave them for a couple of hours, and then rinse thoroughly. As crazy as it may seem, this simple old-school technique can work miracles.  

Yoga or Pilates Mats


For all you yoga lovers out there, as you know the first step in becoming a proper yogi is to buy your own mats. When practicing a mat-based sport, it’s essential to keep your mat fresh and bacteria free. Cleaning your mat with distilled water and essential oils is a one of the best cleaning methods in avoiding germs and maintaining a fresh smell. Love the smell of lavender?  Infuse your mat with your favorite smells!

Here’s how: grab one cup of distilled water and your favorite essential oil (lavender, peppermint, lemongrass or whatever your favorite scent  is) and mix together. Put the potion into a spray bottle and spray onto the mat, then take a damp cloth and wipe it down. Next time you lay on your mat, think happy thoughts and enjoy the fresh smell. Namaste!

The Helpling cleaner can also take care of your smelly and dirty gym clothes and gadgets while you sit back and relax.